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~Guaranteed Rental~

Are you a landlord looking for a fixed monthly income without gaps in payment or void periods?

We can guarantee rent for properties in London and surrounding areas.

We can achieve rental guarantee from 1 to 5 years for properties of all sizes. We can agree guaranteed rental leases for single studios and individual family units to HMO (Houses of multiple occupancies), blocks of flats and more.

Benefits of Guaranteed Rent


  • We can lease the property from 1 – 5 years

  • No void periods

  • We deal with all the maintenance for the duration of the lease at no cost to you

  • Ability to see your profits for the year, from day one

  • Get paid even if the property is empty

  • 0% Management Fees

  • No setup fees, monthly commissions or hidden extras

  • We deal with all the tenant’s queries, questions and complaints

  • A fully-managed property service as part of the contract

  • Property inspected at least every quarter

  • Property handed back in the exact same condition as given

  • Peace of mind



How does guaranteed rent work?


We become your tenant after agreeing a rent with you, this in return is guaranteeing you a fixed rental income even if the property is empty or the tenant decides to stop paying. We then sub-let the property, by vetting the right tenants we can trust, we will take care of the AST (Assured Short-hold Tenancy) agreement.


If they stop paying, decide to leave without notice, damage the property or force us to take an eviction order to remove them, we will take the financial burden – not you.

Not only do we deal with the letting side of your property, you’ll never deal with the stress of a missed payment, legal costs, or tenants abandoning you with unpaid rent.

Guaranteed Rent is precisely what it says; regardless of whether your property is left unoccupied, we’ll ensure the agreed rent is paid every month and may also be able to offer up to three months’ rent in advance.

We are a determined professional property management team. We are here for you and your tenants 24/7, 365 days of the year so you don’t have to worry about anything else. 

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